Peace out 2015.

I was just reminiscing today with a friend about 2015. It’s so  hard to believe it’s already come and  gone. I feel like it flew by!  Looking back I can’t help but to be thankful. In 2015 we purchased a new home that we love and feel so comfortable in.  My hunky husband had a big switch up at work, which has been a great one and he is doing so well. We had some random adventures. Our beautiful daughter who started out 2015 as being a little feisty toddler is now more like my buddy…like full on conversation buddy. She brings us so much joy.

2016 is going to rock. I know it…it already has and we are only a few days into it!  We have so much planned for 2016 and can’t wait to kick our goals in the face. We aren’t really the “New Year’s Resolution” type but we do have things we want to leave behind and goals we plan on crushing in 2016.

Every year that goes by I try to reset my mind.  Leave the bad and negative behind me and start with a clean slate. Sounds deep…I know, sorry. I truly believe in surrounding myself with people who have similar goals and want to be the best they can be.  As Jim Rohn would say “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”  So who do you spend your time with?  People who lift you and and accept you for who you are?  OR…people who bring you down and reflect on your flaws and bring out the negative in you?  The older I get the more I realize how important it is to surround myself with people who love the crap out of me.  People who accept me and all of my awkward, quirky flaws.  You should do the same. Good friends are hard to find, hold onto the ones who love you for you.

Geez…I really didn’t mean to go off on a rabbit trail but I guess that’s where my minds at right now.  I plan on crushing 2016 with a butt load of positiveness. Maybe that’s the gypsy in me. I am beginning to understand more and more why my husband calls me gypsy. 🙂

Although 2015 didn’t go exactly as planned and me, being the planner that I am did struggle with that a little bit. Our adoption that was supposed to happen in December fell through…I have no idea if “fell through” is the right term but it sounds correct to me. The birth mom that we were matched with decided to parent that sweet boy. Was I upset? Yes, totally. Was I confused? Yep. None of this is our plan though, it’s God’s. We aren’t orchestrating this. He is. We are a small piece of this puzzle and are working on trying to trust in His timing, not ours.

There are SO many details that go along with how it didn’t work out and why.  All of these details completely confirm why we are adopting. The circumstances are sad and confusing but we are looking at it as a light in our life. Now, there’s a sweet little boy out there that we can pray for.  He will probably never know us but I hope someday he knows why all of this happened.

So for now…we wait, again. We will pray and pray and pray for the right birth mom and baby to come into our lives. We know it may not be on our schedule but we can’t wait for when it does happen!

Cheers to a new year and new experiences! Life is so random and crazy. I am just so thankful for the peace that comes along with trusting Him and His plan.

Here are some of my favorite moments from this past holiday season.

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Waving at all of the floats while watching the holiday parade.
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Sweet kisses while watching the parade.
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Decorating for Christmas
Keeping busy while waiting to see Santa.
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First ever recital and this beautiful girl did so well. #tears
Waiting to feed the elk and freezing our booty’s off.



feelings. so many feelings.

I guess it’s a good time to write because my mind this past week has been racing. So many emotions. Excitement, nervousness, anxiousness and feeling overly blessed. So many. I feel like this might help a little bit. Writing things down allows me to clear my head without trying to scramble for words.

A few weeks ago we received a call from our adoption case worker and we were chosen by a birth mom! YES!! I was so shaky. Such a sobby, blubbery mess when she called.  I was in a drive up coffee line and had to reverse my car out and sit in a parking lot, trying to act normal. I’m pretty sure she had to repeat herself 3 times.  Explaining to me all of the scenarios and all of the details…

We have been preparing for this phone call for a long time but didn’t expect it, ya know?! Does that even make sense? Probably not. Whatever. I’m all over the place over here.  How can you prepare for a call like this?!

We have been actively pursuing adoption for a long time. Since our now 3.5 year old was just 6 months old. Preparing our hearts by praying and talking openly about it to people who ask. Preparing financially which sometimes is such an overwhelming feeling. We are reminded everyday why we are doing this. It’s not about us.

Being a parent is the hardest and most rewarding thing in the entire world. It’s freaking hard, yep it is. It’s sacrificial and hard.  It’s trying and hard. But…it is so worth it. I had no idea how much joy being a mom would bring me. You can have a crappy day and have everything go wrong but when your daughter asks for “mama, cuddle me.” The end. That’s it. That’s all that matters that day.

When we received this call I immediately wished Ryan was wish me. I called him at work and he, at first thought something was horribly wrong. Once we got through the tears of joy he was so excited and said “I’m going to have a son!”

There are so many unknowns and so many “what if’s.” That’s where faith comes in. Trusting His plan and His timing is where we find our peace.  Our son will always know how much we respect and love his birth mom. Her life is not easy, she comes from a very broken place. There is so much to this story and someday we will share with our son.

There is a chance things won’t work out according to “the plan”. That’s okay. Whatever is meant to be, will be. The questions…” what if she changes her mind?” “What if she wants a closed adoption?” What if she wants a completely open adoption?” We are hoping that right now she just feels at peace and knows whatever decision she makes we will respect. And we are open to whatever she is comfortable with. We hope that whatever the outcome is,  whatever decision his birth mom makes that this little boy gets the life he deserves and she feels loved and at peace with whatever decision she makes.

Yeah, part of my heart is guarded. But…I’m also bursting at the seams trying to contain my excitement! I’m not going to rob myself of this joy because of fear. That’s where I need to keep praying for peace and know that His plan is bigger and better than anything I can come up with.

Now…everything is TBD. Sooooo bye.


And…just because she is the most beautiful girl in the world. 🙂

Such a beauty.






hello november.

Ahh November. It’s finally here.

October was full of hometown football games, pumpkin patches, apple orchards, a beautiful wedding and a bomb concert! There is nothing like going to a high school football and people watching…I mean watching the game. It brings me back to my high school years and also reminds me of how old I really am. I’m 2 years shy of being 30 and I still feel 17. I still can’t believe it’s been 10 years since graduating high school. I’m pretty sure this whole young at heart thing will never wear off.

Our apple orchard experience was fun but I think next year we won’t go so late in the year. Most of the apples were already picked or had major worm holes in them.  After spending a ton of time searching for the “good ones” we gave up and launched the ones we had in our bucket across the field. Is that allowed? We did have a great time exploring the orchard and looking at the hundreds of apples-less apple trees. Better luck next year.

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with m5 presetI was able to field trip it to the pumpkin patch with Oakley’s preschool. We had a blast finding “the right pumpkin” and figuring out why we weren’t able to eat the old corn in the humongous corn field.  Our mini hay ride was bumpy and fun.  Days like this remind me of how thankful I am I get to go on these little adventures with her.

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

Weddings are so much fun for so many reasons.  Dancing, food, love and wine make our night. We love this venue our friends chose and I’m pretty sure I couldn’t get enough of this amazing view of our beautiful city!

The Calhoun wedding overlooking our beautiful city.

This weekend was Halloween, it was a blast and flew by wayyy to fast. On Friday we cruised down to Salt Lake City to catch Garth Brooks in concert. Yes, Garth Brooks. He knows how to put on a show! It started at midnight and that dude killed it. I don’t think there was one song we didn’t sing our hearts out too. We forgot how many hits he has! Definitely worth the rushed trip and we would see him again in a heartbeat. Our trip was such a quick one because we wanted to make sure to get back home for trick-or-treating with our little. Because, who wants to miss out on that!?

Waiting for Garth!

We made it back in time to catch our favorite football team play, grab some pizza and cruise home to dive into the trick-or-treating fun. I love Halloween for many reasons. One being that it kick starts the holiday season! After Halloween Thanksgiving is here. Which then means Christmas! My favorite. There’s nothing like a warm cozy house full of my favorite people celebrating together, filling our bellies and sharing embarrassing stories of one another.


Now that October has officially ended it’s time to start planning some inside activities.  We are busy bodies and love being outside but with the weather changing we pose the risk of being rained on. Maybe I’ll learn to become more of a homebody while drinking some delicious fall hard cider? 🙂

Life lately…

I guess now would be a good time to blog…since it’s been over 4 months!  Seriously…where has the time gone?!  Summer flew by with our crazy schedules, a rambunctious 3 year old, weddings and random trips we decided to make last minute.  Not to mention my hunky husband running his very first 1/2 marathon. What a stud. I am so impressed by him…daily, really. His drive to do better and be better amazes me.

A little wedding fun!
A little wedding fun!
Ryan running 1/2 marathon. What a stud!
Ryan running 1/2 marathon. What a stud!

His 1/2 marathon was in the beautiful mountains of CottonWood Heights, UT. All downhill so one would think it would be easier?  I thought so at least…nope his knees were pretty slammed by the end of the run.  We had a few friends who did the run as well and killed it.  I was so impressed just knowing how much determination it took for them to finish!  So impressed.  At the end of the race we all met up and had breakfast at this adorable diner nestled in the mountains. Ryan was stoked to get his fav, biscuits and gravy.  I was just stoked to eat. I love eating.

After we ate we toured this amazing monument that was a tribute to the fallen men & woman of 9-11. It was incredible and emotional to think these thousands of flags signified people. It was beautiful and touching. We plan on going to NYC in the near future and would love to see the memorial they have there.

Following the memorial we were able to attend the BSU vs. BYU game. Which was a blast and we laughed so hard at the crazy BSU fans. One in particular who was about 40ish, sitting with his mom and looked like he may or may not still live in his mom’s basement. We were laughing at him because every 3-5 minutes(ish) he would stand up and scream at the fans. “C’mon Bronco fans, get crazy! Get wild!” Like literally every 3-5 minutes! It was awesome, hysterical and kind of embarrassing but we embraced it and laughed so hard.  We didn’t end up winning but had an awesome time.

Go Broncos!
Go Broncos!

I still can’t believe how quickly this summer flew by. I can’t believe it’s already September.  Ryan’s birthday month! We had such a great summer but I’m always a little sad when it’s over. Although, I love FALL. I LOVE sweater weather,  beanie weather and… Halloween candy of course. I love that Thanksgiving is around the corner and the idea of trick-or-treating gets me so excited…I guess I’m a little kid at heart.

The older Oakley gets the more we love taking her to do things! Mainly the things we would do regardless of having children but we now get to experience these things through her eyes. Another bonus to having a little one! We went to the fair and it was so much fun this year. Oakley was able to ride the rides with us and loved feeding the animals. Mainly the goats. She calls them her kids. For obvious reasons. This year she had the chance to milk a cow!  So did I. I couldn’t resist. I nudged my way in line next to 6 years old’s and milked my very first cow.  It was pretty cool. I couldn’t stop laughing!

Milking the cow!
Milking the cow!
Indulging in the awesome fair food!
Indulging in the awesome fair food!

Along with all of this summer fun I was able to lead a cabin of awesome high school girls at our church’s high school camp. It was a blast and I learned how to correctly perform the “watch me whip/nae nae” dance. It was hilarious and I’m glad the videos haven’t gone viral yet! Bahaha!!  The girls in my cabin were amazing and although I got the least sleep I have gotten in a long time I had such an awesome week! It was amazing to build relationships with these girls and see them grow so much in their walk in such a short amount of time. When we returned home from camp I was asked by two of the girls in my cabin to be a part of their baptisms. Seriously?!  What an honor.

So awesome to be a part of something so special.
So awesome to be a part of something so special.

Now that summer is over and Oakley is in preschool some days I have found some pretty fun gym friends… mom friends! I’ve developed some friendships at the gym since I see the same people almost every time I go there. Since school has started back up for the kiddos I’ve been meeting more and more super sweet ladies!  These mom’s still got it!  They’re a blast to take class with! It makes going to the gym entertaining!

So…on the adoption side….just in case you’re wondering. 🙂

Now that we have submitted everything we need to continue with our adoption process we are waiting. Just waiting.  We are so ready…like yesterday. Oakley prays for her baby brother/sister every night. She prays that he/she won’t hit her, that the baby will be nice and not push and that the baby will not hit or throw fits. Haha! I hope so too! Let’s just say everyone in the house is ready to meet our baby. Minus Lincoln…it took him a little bit to adjust from being the only baby to having a sibling around. Now he can’t get enough of his big sister. He waits for her by her door when she’s napping. It’s pretty adorable.

We are literally waiting for a phone call. In this wait we are praying and learning to trust in His timing. Of course we were ready…like yesterday but what’s the rush!?  We know He has the perfect baby for us that we need and that needs us. So why rush something so good!?

Days like today I am reminded to be grateful to be where I am at in life.  Content and thankful for the slow days and the happy on crazy, chaotic days. Thankful for the patience I have and thankful for the friends that show me and my family true, genuine love and friendship. That’s pretty rare and I’m so thankful for the people that lift me up and love me for me.

Maybe I should start writing and updating more often. I forget I even have a blog sometimes. Oops.

Peace out. ❤

My loves exploring and trying to dodge all of the
My loves exploring and trying to dodge all of the “skeeters”


This last weekend Ryan & I attended a training class for hopeful and adoptive parents. This class opened our eyes to so many different adoption situations and softened our hearts even more than before. After leaving the class Ryan & I talked about how we felt and if we still felt like God was pulling our hearts towards adoption. Yes…more than ever!  We both feel so at peace with this process and know that there are going to be some pretty amazing blessings that come out of this.

I write this post in tears and honestly just humbled by how many people have poured into us and are excited to come along side us while we journey through this! Our training class was pretty amazing and long…but so informative and rewarding.  This was a 2 day training class and both days we had a panel of guests who have adopted. The first day there was a super cute couple and a birth mom who developed a beautiful relationship and it was pretty awesome to see how these adoptive parents loved on her and her baby. Ryan was soooo in love with their baby girl, he asked if we could take her home!  The story behind their adoption had a lot of hurt and loss but in the end to see the outcome was so amazing.

We are in the process of working through a huge list of personal questions that will be sent over to our case worker to help complete our home study. These questions are super in depth and there are a ton of them! We are trying to bust them out fast! ….baby fever?!  Haha! I think we are both experiencing a little bit of it.

More than anything I just want to thank everyone who has supported us, in prayer, monetarily or just asking how it’s going.  It means a whole lot to us!  Thank you and we love you! ❤

I sure do love this dude. Just a little car selfie from this weekend. Pretty sure those are my sunnies but they look better on him.
I sure do love this dude. Just a little car selfie from this weekend. Pretty sure those are my sunnies but they look better on him.

Busy bees

Wow, I’m a total slacker…so much has happened since my last post. 5 months have passed. Ryan has completed his MBA with ALMOST a 4.0 (seriously?!) and now has more free time! HOLLA! We have sold our home, moved into a new home.  Which was a big task, but fun! It has taken some time to get settled but as each day goes by our new house feels more and more like home, minus the construction workers who are working around the clock next door.  By the way…construction workers DO NOT get the credit they deserve.  Those guys (and gals) work their booties off!

We were surprised with how quickly our last house sold, it was totally crazy timing. We put it on the market and it sold in 30 days, the sellers let us stay in it RENT FREE until our new home was ready for us!  Talk about amazing timing. The process was hassle free and seemed like a breeze!  I’d say it was God’s timing for sure. We were prompted to sell when we did because the market was up from when we purchased our home. With the sale we were able to fund a large chunk of our adoption!!  This was something we were praying for and it happened…we were pretty amazed! We are enjoying our new neighborhood a lot!  The neighborhood is full of young families and we feel right at home here. We are so ready for some summer BBQ’s!!

I have recently had quite a bit of people about how our adoption process is going. It has seemed like such a long process but the waiting has ALMOST officially begun. 😉  We are almost there (financially) but have quite a bit more to save.  Ryan is continually reminding me that this is the right plan because I find myself often discouraged with how much the amount really is…we have made it this far and we are trying our best to save so we don’t have to take a loan out for this process.  Crossing our fingers and toes and praying of course!

**I’ll share some exciting news in April about this amazing website that we will be featured on.**

We have our home study training class in 3 weeks and once that is complete we will be almost finished with our home study. We have passed our background checks and our references were submitted and we should be golden…just a few more weeks! As far as our placing agency,which is located in Georgia, we have been approved by them so all they are waiting on is our home study and our Life Book. I just mailed over our Life Book, which is a small book that is a reflection of our life. This book has a description of us and lots and lots of pictures. The birth moms will look over these and choose a family that she feels she connects with.  This book was a lot harder to put together than I had originally thought… It was hard to fit our life and who we are into words and pictures. We had our family look over it and critique us. We are very happy with the way it turned out and we are trusting that the right baby and situation will be brought into our lives.

Some questions I have been getting lately:

Why the agency in Georgia? Well…after a ton of research, prayer and personal recommendation we chose this specific agency because the birth moms that are here are counseled and nurtured by the staff in a way that we feel very at peace with. Although every situation is different each birth mom is in a vulnerable spot in her life and she has chosen life and chosen to care for her baby by placing him/her with a family she trusts. This agency is semi-open which means for the first 6 months we will send pictures and a letter to the agency which will then be forwarded to the birth mom.  After these 6 months it will be yearly updates.  We feel very comfortable with this. We plan on being very open with our baby about his/her birth mom and will always talk highly of her. We are such open people that our baby will grow to love and understand the difficult decision that was made.

Girl or Boy? We don’t care…are you kidding me?!  If I were pregnant would I be able to choose? Nope. We truly believe that the child that we need and needs us will be brought into our life. We have started the nursery and it’s as gender neutral as we can get but it is leaning more toward the boy side, since I’m not a huge pink-girly-nursery kinda girl  So, if it’s a girl maybe I’ll throw some coral in there somewhere! 🙂

Are you stressed or worried about the process? Honestly, not really.  I know that this will work our exactly how it’s supposed to. Letting go and trusting God and his timing has been something I have been working on and I feel totally at peace with this.  If there is one thing I am worried about it’s that Oakley keeps saying baby BOY!  If it’s a GIRL I hope she’s just as excited!  She also wants to name him “Pasketti” (Spaghetti). So I am probably reading into that too much.

How does Oakley feel? She is totally aware that any day there may be a baby in the room next to her! She gets excited and says that she loves ” Mama, Dada, Linky and baby BOY”. So, that baby boy part…we will have to work on. Or maybe not, who knows. Maybe she has a sixth sense and knows she’s going to have a baby brother?? I have a handful of beautiful pregnant friends right now and she knows babies grow in tummies so explaining that part to her might register when she’s a little bit older.  I know it will be an adjustment, just like any growing family.  I am just so excited to see the bond and they will have for each other. She’s got the bossy big sister attitude down already so we’re good there!

Do you have a time frame? Yes, and no. Haha! As a planner this would usually bug me but I am totally okay with it! Our agency said couples will typically wait anywhere from 6months-2 years. As I was talking to her I asked her to “really but not really” tell me how long she thinks it’ll take and she was comfortable with telling me that 6-9 months is a more “realistic” wait, especially since we aren’t gender specific. If it’s a month, cool…or 2 years, cool. We know that we will be placed with the right baby.

Welp, that’s a small 5 month recap…I’m sure I left out a lot. Like potty training craziness and our latest random adventures but life is good and I’ll do my best to keep this updated…for those of you who actually read it!  Who knows…the next time I write this I might be snuggling a sweet little babe.  #babyfever #adoptionrocks




I love this time of year…the leaves are crisp and there is nothing more perfect than some cute boots and a scarf! Fall is so beautiful in my city, the trees are so colorful and there is something peaceful about knowing that the holidays are right around the corner.

This summer there have been some random and hard things we have gone through, mainly sickness in different areas of our family. Things are on the up and up and looking brighter everyday! We are so thankful for that. I love a change of season, it’s a new start of something good!

Recently there has been a pretty big stirring in my heart. As most of you know my hubs and I have been talking about adoption for a very long time. We have been diligent in trying to start the process but sometimes the financial aspect is somewhat defeating. We are slowly getting there and feel ecstatic about that!  At times I feel like it’s easier to just throw my hands in the air and forget about this HUGE thing that’s been on my heart since I can remember…(visualize one of those ecard cartoons with the dude throwing his papers everywhere).

Most people I talk to about adoption either wholeheartedly understand the tug that’s been placed on my heart, or look at me like I’m a weirdo…I get it.  We didn’t have any issues when trying to start our family, getting pregnant was easy for us.  That was such a huge blessing.  The feeling that God has placed on my heart at a young age to adopt a baby boy or girl is there.  Sometimes it doesn’t make sense to me but I know that’s how we are supposed to grow our family.  We are so excited about it!  ❤

Originally my hubs and I were planning on having a specific amount set aside before we even begin the home study process or the agency application.  You know that stirring on my heart I just talked about…it’s here. Now.  Like, clear as day.  What’s kind of crazy is that I have been feeling like we need to start NOW.  I talked to my hubs and he is TOTALLY on the same page. Five months ago this wouldn’t have even been an option for us but it’s on like Donkey Kong now. We faithfully trust that God will provide and this is going to not only be a huge blessing to us and our family but also to a birth mom who is in a place in her life where she cannot be an equipped mother to her baby.  Who selflessly chose to be a hero and give her baby something she couldn’t.  This is why my heart is stirring.

We are so excited to see how this unfolds!  Seasons in life sometimes make no sense but this one does…

5 years! Cancun style.

Now that we have been back for a couple of weeks I figured I should to share some of our photos from our week getaway to the beautiful Cancun. As I write this I keep glancing over at our sweet girl who has been throwing up for the past day and a half. Poor thing, there is nothing worse than watching a sweet little girl get sick to her stomach. She has mastered the bowl though, what a smart cookie. Crossing my fingers she feels better soon, I think both of us are getting cabin fever.
Our week in Cancun was amazing, it took my husband and I a little bit of time just to relax. His work is pretty fast paced and I had to force myself to chill. Mama mode is hard to get out of sometimes. We finally got settled in by the pool and felt super relaxed!  Our all inclusive was nice, it’s so nice being able to eat whenever.  Pretty sure we both gained like 10 pounds from all of the Mexican desserts.

Our first day, sitting beside the pool people watching!
Our first day, sitting beside the pool people watching!
Beautiful moon from our beach.
Beautiful moon from our beach.


Our hotel's beach was amazing, plus we totally schooled some British folk in volleyball!
Our hotel’s beach was amazing, plus we totally schooled some British folk in volleyball!
Taken from Isla Mujeres (Island of the Woman) check out those crystal clear waters!  I could live here.
Taken from Isla Mujeres (Island of the Woman) check out that crystal clear water! I could live here.
Casino night at our hotel. I totally dominated. For fake cash, of course. So much fun!
Casino night at our hotel. I totally dominated. For fake cash, of course. So much fun!


Isla Mujeres swing bar, yes please.
Isla Mujeres’ swing bar, yes please.
Iguanas are like squirrels on the Island. I asked if I could catch one, I was shut down.
Iguanas are like squirrels on the Island. I asked if I could catch one, I was shut down.
Getting ready to zip line over the ocean!
Getting ready to zip line over the ocean!
We are total dorks. We rented a scooter that was barely working and explored the entire island!  We almost got hit a couple of times and bottomed out the scooter.
We are total dorks. We rented a scooter that was barely working and explored the entire island! We almost got hit a couple of times and bottomed out the scooter.
My hunky hubs zip lining!
My hunky hubs zip lining!
5 years with this dude has been the best years of my life. What a studmuffin.
The past 5 years with this dude have been the best years of my life. What a stud muffin.

Cancun was amazing and our explorations were so much fun!  Isla Mujeres was by far our favorite.  It’s a boat ride from Cancun and has the most amazing greenery! We were lucky enough to go on a tour of the city and check out the almost the entire Island. When we were there we swam with the dolphins too.  What an incredible experience!  The two dolphins lifted us up out of the water with their their noses and we flew across the water like Superman!  We would have purchased pictures but they were ridiculously over priced!  I totally recommend that to anyone. 🙂  We would love to take our family back there someday.

Another day we chose to go on a tour of a super fancy hotel…to score some free pesos so we were able to go on another adventure! It was my birthday and we had a day free to check it out.  This hotel we toured was amazing, to say the least!  We were completely pleased with our hotel but after this tour we felt like we were staying at a Motel 6…that’s the point of the tour!  We were then asked to purchase this card to become VIP travelers and we awkwardly shut it down and were then escorted back to our hotel, pesos in hand!  Haha it was worth it!

We used our newly earned pesos for a full day adventure that included swimming in caves, zip lining across the amazing jungle and mobbin’ in some ATV’s.  Ryan can’t handle my thrill seeking ways, I got chewed out several times to SLOW DOWN! All in all by the end of our trip we were ready to come home and see our baby girl!  We kept running into babies during our layovers and that made for an emotional me.  This week was amazing and thankfully we were sunscreen Nazi’s so we both came back a little bronzed and not a hint of sunburn!


It’s been awhile since I’ve blogged, my bad! I guess with the weather warming up we have opted to play outside more than inside lately. I appreciate where we live so much because every season is it’s own. Summer is typically hot and dry, Fall is beautiful and the perfect temperature with colorful leaves falling. Winter isn’t my favorite but I do appreciate the beautiful white snow as long as I don’t have to drive long distances in it! And Spring! Beautiful Spring! The flowers are blooming and it seems like babies are being born left and right! How can you not appreciate that?!
During this season in our lives things have changed. Change is so exciting for me! With change comes growth and with growth comes blessings! We feel very blessed to be where are at in life right now. I have the ability to stay home with our sweet daughter while my hunky husband works his tail off at work. I am working on something exciting too (it’s been a long time coming) that I will hopefully get running within the next few months!! ..pending paper work shizz.
Another thing we have been “working” on is saving for our adoption. Yes, adoption! This word excites me! As most of you know we have a sweet girl who recently turned 2 and she is the love of our lives! She is a hoot and everyday is so exciting with her. While we plan for our future we of course plan on expanding our family. By expanding our family we are planning on adopting!
Adoption has been something heavy on my heart since I knew I wanted children. I have felt the pull for a long time and it’s awesome to me that it’s going to become a reality within the next couple of years (maybe sooner?). It’s a long process, we understand that and we are excited to jump into it! To answer your questions…because I’m sure you are wondering… We haven’t had any issues with fertility. I got pregnant with Oakley the month we started trying. I feel very blessed to say that because I know for some people they struggle with this. God’s timing can be hard to understand, keep trusting him. ❤
Adoption to us isn’t “saving” a child that needs to be saved. Adoption to us is providing a forever, loving home to a baby who may not be able to experience that otherwise. There are so many children that are placed in the foster care system that end up”aging out” of the system. These children are in need of forever homes. The majority of them are passed from foster home to foster home without ever knowing what it’s like to have a mom or dad who loves them and gives them kisses daily. This breaks my heart.
I have prayed about this decision for a loooooong time. I am so grateful to have a husband who is so supportive and so on board! We don’t care if our baby looks like us, we are all God’s children and we will love our “non-biological” son or daughter just the same as we love Oakley.
We have been setting aside an amount each month for the “adoption fund” and we plan on having a yard sale to contribute to that. We are excited to save for this! Sometimes the amount to adopt seems a little overwhelming but we are trusting that God will provide, he has showed us this in the past and I know it’ll happen. When and how…I don’t know, but we’re trusting him.
In the meantime we have been proactively looking into different agencies and doing as much research as we can to prepare. We don’t have a set date as to when we plan on beginning the process but when the time comes you’re probably going to read about it. 🙂